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    Simon Harsent - Irene

    "On August 28th 2011 Hurricane Irene made landfall over New York’s Coney Island with winds at 65 mph. It hit New York City at 9 a.m. ET bringing with it a storm surge that sent 3½ feet of water into New York Harbor. Although downgraded to a tropical storm, it still flooded low-lying areas and left millions of homes without power all along the Eastern Seaboard."

    I just had to reblog this. I found this on Antechamber  ( So in love with these images and with the power and force of Nature. 

    (via antechamber-to-dawn)

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  • I finally updated my webpage :D

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  • Bavarian Dream. Started blocking in shadows and working out the sky…the beautiful Watzmann and his children will be featured in this one. With surprise visit by a fu pup. It’s on portrait canvas self constructed :) with my bare hands. 80cm x 60 cm #Bavaria #love #forever

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  • working on her for the next few days. #wip #art #paint

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  • #tbt did this self portrait for figure drawing class back in feb. 2000…gosh how fast time goes!

  • today is installation day for my solo show #eden at the #fridaygallery here in #Munich. Just wanted to show you how I sign my pieces and with what…well this is how my “chop” looks like.

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  • #wip hope to get this finished and ready to hang for opening night this Friday.#Eden #picoftheday #flowers #munichartists

  • working on the finishing touches for this one. #picoftheday #Eden #pretty #flowers #fridaygallery

  • #picoftheday #Eden #pretty #munichartists 8.8.2014

  • here’s another #sneakpeek of a piece belonging to my #eden series which can be viewed at my opening on 8.8.2014

  • day 10: candy

    I almost didn’t make day 10 :) but I can’t sleep. I really really wanted to draw pretty colourful hard candies - but my favourite candy does not at all look that appealing…looks aren’t everything heh heh.

  • still working on this but she is almost done :) #eden #wip #alkyd #flowers

  • on the easel today #wip #Eden #picoftheday #oils

  • Day 04: 30 Day Drawing Challenge

    My favourite place is in my own bed.

  • Day 03 of 30 Day Drawing Challenge

    ok this was my favourite challenge of the 30 day drawing challenge so far…kinda pathetic that I get super excited about food but meh - what are ya gonna do?